***NEW BLOG***

Montag, 16.07.2012

Hey you,

now I've got a new blog.. the URL is : michaelgoesirish.blogspot.co.at :)


on your right you can write your email adress and then you will be informed whenever there is something new on my page ;)

cu, Michael


Sonntag, 15.07.2012

Seems like there are just 39 days left Lachend

When I will finally arrive in Ireland I'll write my blogs in German or maybe in German and English, I don't know yet.  Why? Because my family and friends maybe want to read my blog too.

No more news yet.

CU, michael

Online Meeting: check

Dienstag, 10.07.2012

Today there was the EF Online Meeting for some austrian exchangers.

There were 3 EF ladies out of the office in Vienna and 1 guy from Hastings/UK whose job it is to place the students.

We got a lot of information and now I know the exact departure date so the countdown on the right site is very accurate now Lachend

I'm going to fly non-stop from Vienna to Dublin to the so called "Soft Camp" it will prepare me and the others once more for our exchange. After 2 days we finally will meet our hostfamilies Lächelnd

If I got more news I'll tell you, cu Zwinkernd

time passes by quickly :O

Donnerstag, 05.07.2012

After two days in Venice and my first working days at Billa I'm ready for my new article :)


49 days left and it's so hot here. About 35°C everyday! Happily we got a pool :D

I'm excited about the Internet Meeting next Tuesday, because there will be people from the office in Ireland too, I'll tell you how it was next week.

Now I think I know a part of my presents for my hostfamily: Zotter chocolate (austrian mark) and maybe a cookbook, we'll see :)

Have a good time, cu


only 60 days left :D

Sonntag, 24.06.2012

hey guys,

After my pretty nice sports week in Italy I think it's time for a new article.

Few days ago my parents got the last bill and only 8 1/2 weeks left so it's getting started soon. Zwinkernd

My future hostbrother has won the U15 100metres running competition with a time of 12.2 so a reaaaaally fast runner!Überrascht

I don't know which presents I should bring them..If you have a idea just comment this articleLachend


Write you soon,


Orientation Meeting

Freitag, 15.06.2012

Hello again Zwinkernd

Few weeks ago I had an Orientation Meeting in Vienna.

It was pretty cool to get known to the other EF students which will spend their time in Ireland too. The meeting was informative too but some information I got already at the Information Meeting and the personal interview so sometimes it was a bit boring..Moreover the Returnees were a very positive point there because they told us everything about their stay.Lächelnd

We had 2 workshops too. In the first one we talked about expections from school, host family, community and ours. The second one was about rules and curfew and so on.. it was quite interesting Lachend

At last we got an "EF luggage bag", the EF SIM-card and some of the monthy mailings in printed version.

Well, that were the informations about my Orientation Meeting, till next weekend there won't be a new article because I'm going on a schooltrip to Italy Zwinkernd

Have a good time,


PS: It's a pity that Ireland didn't win one of the matches.

Next Stop Monaghan :D

Sonntag, 10.06.2012

Hey you Lachend

While watching the Ireland match against Croatia I want to continue telling about my exchange.

After passing the interview I got the contract from EF and me and my parents signed it for sure Zwinkernd

Now a lot of feature were approved on my.ef.com like the "Monthly Mailings" which contain a lot of tips and tricks for the exchange.

It was the end of March I think when suddenly unexpected there was a mail in my mailbox which contained my hostfamily! Lachend
Very happy I told everyone that I have a hostfamily now and wrote a mail to them immediately!

My hostfamily contains Mrs and Mr S. their dog "Cooper" and 4 boys: 3 are elder than me 1 is younger so It will be a lot of fun. Lächelnd
Another exchange students from Spain will spend the exchange in the same hostfamily which is very good in my opinion.

Next month passed by without any news and in my next article I will consider with the Orientation Meeting which I had a week ago.

See you,

Michael Zwinkernd

Applying is easy - isn't it ?

Freitag, 08.06.2012

Good Afternoon :)

Now I continue telling you about the time through the application.

After registering for the programme I got a mail with my account information of the my.ef.com site. There I had to download some files and fill in a lot of things about me. It took me a long time to complete that stuff Zunge raus

Few days later a EF lady called me and told me that I have to come to a personal interview.. I was very excited about it and nervous of course too. Überrascht

Everything at the meeting (writing a letter to hostfamily, talking with a Returnee in english and such things) went by good.

Everyday I waited for a letter with the result of my interview.. it was a very tense time for me. When the post with my letter came and I read that I would be in the exchange year it was a just awesome feeling Lachend

Next time you will get information about the further run of events.

see you,


The first steps are always the hardest

Montag, 04.06.2012

So here is my second posting. Lachend
I want to write about my reasons to do an exchange semester abroad and how it all began.

Let's begin with the reasons: I think it's not just to perfection my English, I hope that I'll get known to new people and another culture too. Moreover I have the chance to live the Irish way of lifeLächelnd

Last October it has all begun. We learned something about exchange students in our English lessons and I thought that this would be simply awesome!

The hardest step was to convince my parents about my plans. Zunge raus
After talking about my future I told them that there's an "Information Meeting" in my area and they wanted me to get more information there. Lachend

When I went to this meeting I was very excited. The EF Lady told me that if I apply for the programme after the meeting I would get a price reduction so I decided to apply immediately.
Sooner or later my parents agreed to my dream and the application process could start Zwinkernd

More details about my application next time,


Let's get that blog started

Sonntag, 03.06.2012


You ask why I have created my own blog ? It's simple: I'm going to spend the first semester of  next schoolyear in Ireland and an own blog with my experiences is a must-have I think. Lächelnd

Before I start a few details about myself: I'm Michael, still 15, but  before going to Ireland I'll have my 16th birthday. Lachend

I live in the "Mürztal", that's a small are in Styria/Austria; my stay in Ireland will be in Clontibret, Co Monaghan.

My trip is oranised by the biggest (I think so) Organisation for language courses abroad: EF.

Further information about my trip you'll find here soon.



PS: I decided to write my blog in English, the German one is now available at http://michaelgoesirish.wordpress.com/Lächelnd